Throughout the age of human advancement, God’s Word hammered upon bastions of incertitude to condition people for receipt

of something unquestionable—something beyond the moment of their affairs.


This composition began as a short letter to friends regarding a startling experience that occurred years earlier. After a few vague sentences, I felt oddly stimulated to say more, and then became obsessed with depicting the circumstances clearly and the reason properly. My mind was a flood, spilling dozens of deductions over as many pages.

Months later, some newly written sections appeared unnecessary as I approached comparable key points from different angles. Efforts were arguably unproductive and then stalled. At that time, it seemed best to put the incomplete project away and handle more pressing concerns.

Eighteen years elapsed before conditions favored a thorough review of the pages. The long hiatus allowed me to examine passages with mature eyes and revitalized convictions.

Eventually, the moment arrived to cease my sustained silence. Thus, I present this lengthy letter: a document called the Trestle.


A number of unverified beliefs and insinuative notations, derived from my experience, sporadically bloom in this work with hope of better framing mental images and inspiring readers to seek God through Christ. Nothing was intended to mislead, deceive, or betray any person or is meant as a declension of church and science. Keeping my testimony self-reliant and unbiased by recalcitrant judgment during the assembly of this composition seemed proper. Therefore, I did not study the manuscripts of scholars or seek tenets from strangers. More appropriately, I felt the experience itself should be directing my efforts rather than former evaluations.

Neither heaven nor hell is a subject I cared to deliberate in depth. Besides, such places are irrelevant if you cannot approach the presence of God and retain the capacity to exist, hence, the interpretive conditions of salvation.