Exchanging mortal beliefs for immortal reasons can be most difficult.
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r.j.ELute Without Presumption - theTrestle
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Matthew 11:27
"...neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son,
and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him."
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Sec.1 - Validation
The foremost reference for this work was, and remains, the residing God. The validity of the entire composition rests solely, and legitimately, in that presence.

Sec.15 - One Reason
Whereas participating on Earth is a method for learning of our station in the material expanse, experiencing the Intrinsic God is a method for learning of our uniqueness in the fullness of time.

Sec.18 - Stained By Dereliction
One could easily spend a thousand lifetimes searching for fragments to the conundrum of God, if repeatedly looking in places never holding the solution or circling again and again just within the perimeter of vested human interest.

Sec.20 - A Sharp Difference
I believe to know God should be a naturally occurring milestone in one's lifetime and not a strange ordeal foiling the most robust and devout intellectual titans of our genus...

Sec.47 - Timeless And Applicable
The intent of the written Word, as the design of nature, is to transmute capacity into potential and potential into action.

- without presumption -
r.j. Elute

Copyright: r.j. Elute © 2007
All rights reserved worldwide.
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Narration by: Gary Kohler, 2010
Music by: rjParenteau © 2010
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Presentation & Audiobook Samples

The presentation briefly tells how this effort began, proceeded, and of its ultimate intent.

Listen to a few Gary Kohler narrations for this book.
PRESENTATION mp3 version
the TRESTLE - Intermission mp3 version
- without presumption -
Here are the 58 MP3 tracks in 3 parts (2.9 hours).
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Personal Statement
- A Living Experience -
the TRESTLE was written as a personal testament to the existence of God and credibility of Christ. It tells of a faithful process whereby people may transcend these mortal bounds, while yet of flesh, and literally, consciously, unite with the Intrinsic God.

This book is a support structure, and not intended to establish any new order of faith nor undermine organizations already aligned through spiritual trust and goodwill.
the TRESTLE - Garden mp3 version
abdicates authority
abrupt elevation
absolute clarity
accommodating approach
achievable means
agent of our inspiritment
aggravated anxieties
alien fallacies
all that is real
amaranthine truth
ambiance of God
amend physical laws
angelic wealth
antecedent to the Word
antidote for alienation
apex of the route
appetent self-gratification
appliance of nature
aromas of spite
arresting supremacy
auspicious incident
avow spiritual guardians
backstage pass to creation
banner sympathy
behavioral customs
birthed into misunderstanding
births real purpose
bloodless ponds of analysis
blossoms of genesis
bounds of human measure
breathless choired harmony
cancerous wants
canopy of questions
capacity for existence
caught unaware
celestial illusion
cellular cooperation
censored details
chains of tacit deductions
chalice of fulfillment
changeless frigid condition
chastening distinction
checked by temperance
children of dust
clutches of evil
coalescence of sacred devotion
coiled round the antagonist
comfortably unenlightened
compassionate author
competitive rituals
comprehend the residing God
compressed time
compulsory safeguards
concede self-determination
confabulated suture
confers permanent pardon
conflicted and suspicious
congenital shortcomings
conscious supremacy
consciousness of God
consideration for Christ
consuming without digesting
contrasting organisms
control of evolutionary forces
covetously swallow
creation's validation
crucial origin
culled superstitions
cultivate sentient intuition
curiosity churning within
dare not realize
dateless virtue
dazed by heavenly jubilation
decaying hearts
defiant pedestrians
depolarizing power
derived transformations
devouring everything in sight
diametric pursuit
diminutive self
disadvantaged intellectuals
disgrace the innocent
dissolve uncertainty
distant mercurial gods
do this for ourselves
drained of meted days
dynamic sojourn with God
earnest testimony
echoes of fallacy
effete gurus
egregious transgression
elevated near God
emboldened adversaries
embraced eternity
emotions you impress
endless isolation
engraved deep within
enigmatic wonders
entryway to God's reality
equable emphasis
escape from barren estates
escape oblivion
eulogize theosophies
evince God's actuality
exculpate disciples
exists to be understood
extent of the Lord's throne
extravagant wrongs
extreme truth
fabled influence
fastidious production
fated for extinction
fateful question
fathom the gist
fearful propaganda
fearless dependence
fears and phantoms
fitting receptacle
flagrant impropriety
forbidding oratories
foundation of creation
frightened guilds
fringe of time
fullness of time
genetic happenstance
gifts of emancipation
glutinous verve
grazers in the field
great vault of existence
hallowed avocations
haplessly restrict others
heavenly compensation
heirs of preconceived justice
higher Christian purpose
highest proficient state
house of spiritual resolve
Humane Child
hurdle clustered vanities
illusion of free will
immaculate declaration
immaculate thoughts
immature inhabitants
immortal reasons
immutable being
imperceptible frequencies
impetuous demons
impregnating vision
improbable question
inconsistent disposition
ineffectual drivel
insuperable decrees
intellectual titans
interminable chaos
investment of Christ
jagged formation
just the thought
kaleidoscope of images
Key to the entrance
land of twilight
living prophet
love of their shadow
magnitude of creation's finale
matchless drama
mindless adjutants
misdirected optimism
misjudge nature's reaction
moment without doubt
monotonous battles
mountain of answers
muffled memories
must inevitably ask
nature's objective
no need to excuse destiny
no surrogate for Christ
noetic levels
not some errand boy
nutrients of salvation
obligatory trials
obliged Jesus
obsequious soothsayers
odd and piteous glories
offered detour
olamic character
organisms of instinct
our tender souls
our uncommon vantage
outline the face of God
overpowering fusion
palms of intent
parceling life
partitioning us from God
path of innocence
percipient eyes of science
perfect portrayal
perfumed diversions
persuasive affirmations
pitched through plastic
plagued with cruelty
planes of uncertainty
planetary transitions
planned futurity
potential capacity
practicable appliance
precipitous angle
preeminent motive
prescribed moments
primal haze
primal truth of existence
primary rationale
primordial state
prison of my fears
private covenant
privately classified praise
privileged arrogance
prominence in the shade
promised grandiose rewards
promised victors
propitiously reserved
prospect of God's intent
psychological regulation
public visitations
puissance of God
pulpits of an industry
quantify compounds
quarantined in this segment
rarely perceived
reality confining us
real-time control
rebellious provincialism
reclining faith
rectifies senses
Refined threads
regulating stature
relentless driving influence
remain one and a part
remarkably stolid
required safeguards
residual culpability
rest imponderable
reunion chamber
reverential offspring
revise spiritual rule
risk more
rupturing logic
sacrificed themselves
salvageable few
sanctuary of my hopes
satisfying deep yearnings
savants for God
scale the heavens
sculptors of common sense
sedentary birthrights
seductive trials
see with godly eyes
selfish voyagers
sentient cause
servile dreamers
set apart from God
severe consequence
severely intimidating
shedding Earth beforehand
simplistic embellishments
slumbering endowment
something impeccable
soul slavers
source of the Word
spatial constructs
spawned the universe
spiritual alteration
spiritual autonomy
spiritual consanguinity
spiritual enchantment
spiritual insurrection
spiritual waves of fashion
splintered independence
squandered independence
stark realization
station of God
staunchly concealed
strident inhabitants
stripped of its adornment
stylized formalities
subdue misapprehension
sublime concessions
submissive analysis
summon needless dangers.
supracosmic being
supraliminal transformations
supreme cognition
surmount obstacles
survive God's Presence
swamp of stimulus
swells of seduction
synthetic logic
task of determination
teasing platitudes
tenuous opponents
the road fools travel
thorns piercing hope
thousand more opportunities
throngs of the departed
timeless salvation
timorous relationships
too prehistoric for concern
tormented inhabitants
tralatitious annals
transitional fraction of space
trifling consequence
trillions of them
trivial mementos
ubiquitous pessimism
uncompromising plan
underlying provisions
unending motility
unfiltered amplitude
unprecedented possibilities
unrelenting drama
unsullied expressions
vain reciprocity
validity of God
vaporous parasites
vast unseen substance
venerates servants
veritable cornucopia
vested human interest
vision beyond the stars
volatile critics
walk among inhabitants
we become like gods
we can transcend
weathering stormy resentment
weeds of deception
while of flesh
whimsical lifestyles
world grown overcast
worship the iconic
youthful conceit
youthful thrills
ELUTION: The process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent to remove adsorbed material from an adsorbent.
*ELUTCHIAN: An individual who believes that through the authority of Christ one may achieve the doubtless heart of Jesus and witness Creation's Intrinsic God on Earth, too spiritually live thereafter without presumption of God or the meaning of life.
Humans are designed to perceive God and cross the spiritual bridge.
* neologism - newly coined word
The most expensive book is your life.
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